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2023-09-18 14:35


The more lonely I am, the less friends I have, the less support I have to respect myself.


I am the deep sea, you are the dawn rising from the other side of the sea, always illuminating my life.


Sea can dry, stone can rot, my love for you, will never change.


Love yourself. Don't give your whole love, soul and strength as gifts and waste them where they are not needed and despised.


I never know how to please them. They don't love me and I don't love them.


Learn to look at each other with understanding and appreciation instead of taking care of each other with self righteous concern.


Forget the disaster in the dream, just think about the happiness in reality!


Memory without stain and infection must be a treasure and an inexhaustible source of physical and mental happiness.


You beautiful and lovely bird, where do you want to take my heart?


Even for people like me, life will have its sunny time.


If you can't avoid it, it's your job to endure. If you are destined to endure, it is weakness to say that you can't stand it.


I have a little secret in my heart. Do you want to know? Let the wind tell you quietly, I like you, really like.


Sitting in the sun is quiet and comfortable.


I'm ready for your tears, just hope it falls on my chest!


When the dew falls, all sounds are quiet, and the dusk is getting thicker, I feel as if I can linger in this thick shade forever.


You're wrong! My soul is the same as yours, and my heart is exactly the same as yours!


I feel that everything in the world belongs to me, because you are in love with me.


If you can't avoid it, you have to put up with it. It is a sign of weakness and stupidity that you can't stand what you are meant to endure in your life.


Some people say that looking back on the painful past is a kind of enjoyment.


If others don't love me, I'd rather die than live. I can't stand loneliness and being hated.


There was no cloud or wind in the air, there was a scorching sun overhead, and all the trees stood listlessly and lazily.


Men get worse when they have money. Yes, many men do. However, even if they don't have money, they are no better.


If God gives me beauty and wealth, I must make it hard for you to leave me, just as it is for me to leave you now.


In July, through the blue sky, hanging fireball like the sun, clouds as if burned by the sun, also disappeared.


Reason sat still and held the reins, and did not let the emotion suddenly let her sink into the hole.


This glass is sweet and pleasant, for it has touched the lips of a bosom friend.


It is much better to bear the pain that only you feel, than to act rashly, to cause evil results and to involve relatives and friends.


Summon up the courage to face the worst, it finally came.


Violence is not the best way to eliminate hatred. Similarly, revenge can never cure harm.


There is a great distance between compassion and good deeds.


In midsummer, it's so hot that even dragonflies dare to fly against the shade of trees, as if they were afraid that the sun would hurt their wings.


Since the trial could not be avoided, we had to put up with it.


My principles have never been trained and may have been distorted due to lack of care.


It doesn't matter if you fall in love with a person who has a lot of differences in living habits. You should be careful when you get married. Think about whether you can endure the difference for a long time.


Even for people like me, there are still a few rays of sunshine in life.


If you are destined to endure, it is weak to say that you can't stand it, and it's stupid.


I have the same soul and as much emotion as you.


In the midsummer of July, there is no cloud in the blue and blue sky. The hot sun is baking the earth, the water in the river is hot, and the soil in the ground is smoking.


The early summer sun from the dense layers of branches and leaves transmission down, the ground is full of copper coin size of the sparkling spot.


Do you think I can stay and be somebody you don't think matters? Do you think I'm a machine?


The fire of love is kindled in our hearts and we will be fused together from now on.


As long as I can often meet you, I feel happy; as long as I cuddle up to your petite body, I won't be lonely.


Like the joy of a dying thirsty man, knowing that the spring near him has been poisoned, he bent down to drink the holy water.


I will always be gentle and sincere to those who are soft and steady, tame and strong, who can bend but can't break.


I am poor, humble, not beautiful, but when our souls cross the grave and come to God, we are all equal.


Life is like a box of chocolates, the results are always unexpected.


The feeling without judgment is indeed insipid, but the judgment without emotion processing is too bitter and rough to swallow.


Do you think that I am poor, humble, ordinary and insignificant, so I have no soul and no feelings?


Life is too short for me. It's a pity to spend it on remembering hatred.


Violence is not the best way to overcome hatred, nor revenge is the best way to cure wounds.

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